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Buy cannabis seeds in South Africa

11 Apr 2017

Looking to Buy cannabis seeds in South Africa?

If you are wanting to buy cannabis seeds in South Africa then look no further than Dope-seeds.com as we have been shipping our cannabis seeds to South Africa since 2002! South Africa has long been a country with a great affinity for the Cannabis plant, or the Dagga plant, as it is known there and has produced many of its own strains such as Durban Poison and Kwazulu feminised.

Over the last 15 years we have shipped our cannabis seeds to Capetown, Durban, Jo’burg, East London, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria and many other towns and cities all across this beautiful country.

If you are reading this and you are South African you will probably know that the South African Post Office is not the most reliable or efficient organisation in the world so we recommend people choose on of our Stealth Tracked shipping options to give the parcel the best chance of arriving safely with you. If you choose our ‘Priority airmail with tracking stealth option 2’ where we remove the seeds from the original breeder packaging and re-pack them inside a innocent gift we will resend the order free of charge if it does not arrive safely with you.

Pay for cannabis seeds in South Africa

If you are wondering how you will pay for your cannabis seeds in South Africa we have a variety of options available to you

Pay by bank transfer for cannabis seeds – get a 10% discount
Pay by money order for cannabis seeds – get a 10% discount
Pay by cash in the mail for cannabis seeds – get a 10% discount
Pay by bitcoin for cannabis seeds – get a 20% discount

Unfortunately we cannot currently take card payments but paying by bank transfer through your online banking is getting easier and easier all the time and of course we give you a 10% discount which is always helpful. Also, there are many new companies appearing that make it easy to set up a FOREX account that offer much better rates than banks. These include CurrencyFair and Transferwise.

If you are familiar with Bitcoin then this is the best payment option as it is 100% encrypted and anonymous and we give you a whopping 20% discount on your purchase of Dagga seeds! Find out more about how to buy dagga seeds with Bitcoin.

Cannabis legalisation in South Africa

These are exciting times in South Africa if you believe in the legalisation of cannabis after a landmark ruling paved the way for Dagga to be legalised for home use in the next 2 years – read our article on cannabis legalisation in south africa.

If you have any questions about buying dagga seeds in South Africa just get in touch through our contact page and we will be happy to help!


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