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Auto CBG Feminised Seeds


Cannabiogen is a small seedbank focusing on an excellent rang of cannabis seeds which can now be purchased at dope-seeds.com.
Twenty years of travelling the world in search of the grail, from the mountains of Jamaica and Colombia in the New World to Pakistan, India and Thailand. Meticulous selections from more than one hundred varieties and careful progeny testing has culminated in magnificent examples that bring us the gamut of the sublime. The majority of the varieties we carry are from original landrace stock, cultivated in their respective lands for generations and brought back by ourselves and our friends who have travelled to those far away places in search of cannabis seeds with the purpose of safeguarding them for posterity.


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Heavyweight seeds free gift

Heavyweight Seeds Auto Massive Midget Feminised Seeds

Buy any 5 pack of heavyweight seeds and get 1 free female auto massive midget, buy and 10 pack and get 2 free seeds!

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Free female cheese seeds with every pack of big buddha cheese

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Promotional free seeds

The more you spend, the more free seeds you get! Pick and mix your favourite free seeds depending on how much you have spent.

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  • ViewCannabiogen Auto CBG Feminised Seeds

    Auto CBG Feminised Seeds

    From £ 8.99
  • ViewCannabiogen Bangi Haze Regular Seeds

    Bangi Haze Regular Seeds

    £ 39.99
  • ViewCannabiogen Caribe Feminised Seeds

    Caribe Feminised Seeds

    £ 35.99
  • ViewCannabiogen Caribe Regular Seeds

    Caribe Regular Seeds

    £ 35.99
  • ViewCannabiogen Deluxe Feminised Mix - 6

    Deluxe Feminised Mix

    £ 13.99
  • ViewCannabiogen Deluxe Feminised Mix - 6

    Deluxe Feminised Mix – 6

    £ 25.99
  • ViewCannabiogen Destroyer Regular Seeds

    Destroyer Regular Seeds

    £ 49.99
  • ViewCannabiogen Leshaze Regular Seeds

    Leshaze Regular Seeds

    £ 27.99
  • ViewCannabiogen Nepal Jam Regular Seeds

    Nepal Jam Regular Seeds

    £ 27.99
  • ViewCannabiogen Pakistan Chitral Kush Feminised Seeds

    Pakistan Chitral Kush Feminised Seeds

    From £ 21.99
  • ViewCannabiogen Pakistan Chitral Kush Regular Seeds

    Pakistan Chitral Kush Regular Seeds

    £ 49.99
  • ViewCannabiogen Panama D.C. Feminised Seeds

    Panama D.C. Feminised Seeds

    £ 39.99
  • ViewCannabiogen Panama D.C. Regular Seeds

    Panama D.C. Regular Seeds

    £ 39.99
  • ViewCannabiogen Panama Feminised Seeds

    Panama Feminised Seeds

    £ 36.99
  • ViewCannabiogen Panama Regular Seeds

    Panama Regular Seeds

    £ 35.99
  • ViewCannabiogen Peyote Purple Regular Seeds

    Peyote Purple Regular Seeds

    £ 35.99
  • ViewCannabiogen Sandstorm Feminised Seeds

    Sandstorm Feminised Seeds

    £ 28.99
  • ViewCannabiogen Sandstorm Feminised Seeds

    Sandstorm Regular Seeds

    £ 29.99
  • ViewCannabiogen Sugarloaf Feminised Seeds

    Sugarloaf Feminised Seeds

    £ 39.99
  • ViewCannabiogen Sugarloaf Regular Seeds

    Sugarloaf Regular Seeds

    £ 39.99