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auto blueberry seeds at very low prices

10 Sep 2012

Promotional Item Free Auto Blueberry female seeds x 10

Dope seeds Auto Blueberry female seeds are the result of of a cross between lowryder and DJ Shorts blueberry. Auto Blueberry is a super fruity autoflowering cannabis strain that goes from seed to bud in 8-9 weeks.

Auto blueberry seeds start at £4.99 for 1 female seeds and go down to £2.49 per female seeds if you buy 100 seeds

Dope seeds Auto Blueberry female seeds

Dope-seeds auto blueberry is a auto fem strain which was created by crossing the world famous blueberry strain with the joint doctors lowryder.

Auto blueberry is 100% autoflowering and the plants still carry most of the Blueberry caracteristics. The phenotype is distinctive Blueberry with most plants displaying the famous light blue or purple
colouring typical of Blueberry. The smell and taste is sweet and fruity (blueberry)with a strength and quality that is surprisingly high.

Genetics: Lowryder x Blueberry
Flowering Period: 8-9 Weeks from seed
Yield: 20-40g per plant
Height: 40-70cm
Characteristics: Fruity autoflower strain a wonderful aroma.

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