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barneys farm auto critical rapido available now!

10 Sep 2012

Barneys farm auto critical rapido seeds

Auto critical rapido from Barneys farm seeds are now available from the dope-seeds seedbank. Auto critical is an autoflowering strain so begins to flower after 20 days regardless of the hours of light and goes on to finish within 8-9 weeks. Auto critical is an indica dominant cross of ruderalis and critical mass.

Barney's Farm Critical Rapido Auto Feminised Seeds

The availability of an auto-flowering version of the Critical Mass cannabis species is the result of an intense and diligent breeding programme. By crossing the auto-flowering properties of ruderalis with the massive yielding, and high quality Critical Mass, Barneys Farm breeders have developed a most potent strain that will commence flowering within 20 days of planting and finishes in as little as 8-9 weeks. Typically the plant will grow 0.5 meter, with a main stem and 7 side branches, all full and dense with long fat colas of delicious indica marijuana.

type: indica
yield: 30/50 gr per plant
height: 50cm
flower time: 65 to 75 days from seed
harvest time: Auto-flowering
thc: 15%
cbd: 1.3%
genetics: Critical Mass X Ruderalis

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