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Best outdoor cannabis seeds

29 Mar 2017

Best outdoor cannabis seeds available from dope-seeds.com.

We are often asked by people interested in the genetic traits of cannabis seeds ‘what are the best outdoor cannabis seeds’? At this time of year in countries like Holland and Spain things are warming up nicely and those people might be allowed to grow cannabis plants outdoors so they are all looking for the best outdoor cannabis seeds.

We stock a massive range of cannabis seeds and some of these are better suited to outdoor growing than others – where that is legal of course! Here in the UK its illegal to grow cannabis whether indoors or out so this information is here just to help you understand the genetic traits of our cannabis strains.

Top 5 outdoor cannabis seeds – a countdown of the best outdoor cannabis seeds

5. Biddy Early from Serious seeds

Serious Seeds Biddy Early regular seeds

Serious seeds Biddy early if a feminised cannabis strain with mostly sativa genetics which has been bred to grow outdoors in a northern European climate. Biddy early feminised is perfect for outdoor growers as its starts to flower early and finishes early enough to avoid frosts and cold weather in northern Europe

4. Frisian Dew from Dutch Passion Seeds

Dutch Passion Frisian Dew Feminised Seeds

Frisian Dew Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion were developed by crossing a Super Skunk female with a Purple Star male. Dutch Passion have developed this beautiful premium variety that is stable and can be grown outdoors. Frisian Dew Feminised Cannabis seeds produce half Indica, half sativa marijuana plants that turn purple upon flowering and are very adaptable to tough climate conditions, especially in Northern countries.

3. Critical from Royal Queen seeds

Royal Queen Seeds Critical Feminised Seeds

Critical feminised cannabis seeds by Royal Queen Seeds has been created to bring together all of the features important to deliver the ultimate cash crop. Critical Feminised strain is indica dominant and has the perfect balance of large yield, short flowering time and quality smoke. No other strain from Royal queen strain will produce as much in 7 weeks as Critical Feminised seeds.

2. Female Seed company Purple Maroc seeds

Female Seeds Purple Maroc Feminised Seeds

The Female Seeds Co.ā€™s Purple Maroc feminised is a pure strain that has origins in the Ketama region. This feminised cannabis strain variety grows best outdoors or in a greenhouse, has a flowering time of 8 weeks and produces an abundance of resin covered buds. Purple Maroc by Female Seeds Co offers generous crops that are enormously aromatic.

1. Sensi Seeds Early Skunk female seeds

Sensi Seeds Early Skunk Feminised Seeds

Sensi seeds Early Skunk feminised is the perfect outdoor cannabis strain fro growers in the northern hemisphere. Early skunk from Sensi seeds is incredibly vigourous and flowers so quickly that she finishes before the end of even the shortest summer. As well as being fast to finish, the yields are very nice and the final product is not to be sniffed at!

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