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bitcoins accepted now!

10 Jul 2013

bitcoins accepted now through our shopping cart and we are offering a 10% discount for customers who choose this method of payment.

what are bitcoins?

Bitcoins are a part of a new digital currency which is 100% anonymous and encrypted and is not controlled by any governments or banking institutions. This makes bitcoins the perfect way to buy items like cannabis seeds which you may want to keep as your own personal business, away from the prying eyes of bankers or government organisations.In order to use bitcoins you need to get a bitcoin wallet and then buy some bitcoins from a bitcoin exchange. You can do all of this from a site such as www.coinbase.com or bitbargain.co.uk

watch this short video to get a better understanding of what bitcoins are and then the 2nd video to find out how to get hold of your own bitcoins

How to buy bitcoins to use for online shopping or herbal and legal highs

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