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Buy cannabis seeds with card payment in Israel

30 Jun 2020

Now accepting card payments for cannabis seeds in Israel


**update 18.08.20 – unfortunately we are not currently able to take card payments from Israel, we are working to resolve this, apologies for the inconvenience**

We are incredibly pleased to announce that we can now take card payments for customers who wish to buy cannabis seeds in Israel. We have been shipping cannabis seeds to Israel stealthily for many years but have only been able to take bank transfer or Bitcoin as payment. Now we have a new card services provider which allow us to accept card payments from Israeli customers which means a lot less hassle for everyone as quicker dispatch of seed orders.

Israel has always been a centre of gravity when it comes to cannabis.
For example, Raphael Mechoulam, an Israeli organic chemist discovered a link between CBD and effective treatment of epilepsy in 1963. Since then, Israel has been a significant contributor to the science of cannabis, helping the plant be understood by the masses and generating trade between countries. However when it comes to buying cannabis seeds in Israel, it’s strangely restrictive and there’s not a lot of new strains being offered.

When it comes to cannabis laws, Israel has a somewhat more relaxed approach to cannabis compared to the United Kingdom. This applies both to Israeli residents, but also businesses too.
On the 25th of June 2020, Israel decriminalised cannabis possession for 50 grams or less, which was a brilliant step towards a healthier relationship with cannabis, one that will incarcerate less people and will bring hope and positivity to many people’s lives.
The country also has a great approach to testing, experimenting and studying cannabis which will further develop our knowledge and introduce more cannabinoids into medicine.

Naturally, Israel is now keen to buy from cannabis breeders and seed banks in Europe, wanting them to ship cannabis seeds to Israel so that they can use Western genetics in their studies and domestic breeding.
Buying cannabis seeds in Israel has been challenging in the past, with limited strain availability and a bit of a traditional preference in terms of genetics.
But now, thanks to a relaxing of laws in the USA, more solid genetics are being created in the west because growers and breeders can have more space to experiment with different genetics so they can offer more exotic strains.
Some strains have been genetically adapted to survive in more challenging climates, that produce a bigger yield of more potent flowers.
This is very exciting for Israeli breeders and growers that are looking to introduce more unique products to their market, so there is becoming a bit of an influx of people wanting to pay by card for exciting new strains located in the UK and Europe, and then shipping cannabis seeds to Israel.

We recommend tracked stealth shipping for customers in Israel

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