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Buy CH9 female seeds – available now

5 Oct 2017

Buy CH9 female seeds at dope-seeds.com now.

We are very pleased to announce that you can now buy CH9 female seeds on our website and get your hands of some premium genetcis.

CH9 is a small seedbank started by a French cannabis seed breeder called Pete, who spent the 90’s in the Mendocino area of California right at the beginning of today’s medical marijuana revolution. Pete was there when the first doctors were prescribing cannabis for a variety of ailments and was one of the early pioneers in the world of medical marijuana hybrids.

Why choose ch9 female seeds?

The aim of CH9 seeds is to produce very fast-flowering hybrids of sativa and indica cannabis strains that are bountiful, floral and offer medical benefits to their users. Pete has collected a very wide range of cannabis genetics from around the world to work with in his breeding projects and has managed to produce some of the most interesting cannabis strains we have ever seen. through the extensive breeding programs at CH9 seeds Pete has managed to create strains like Blue Lemon Thai which has a Sativa appearance and an incredible uplifting high but has a very short flowering period of between 7 and 8 weeks. Pete concentrates on a small number of strains so that he can maintain quality controls to the highest levels.

Connoisseur cannabis genetics

Pete has spent many years working with strains from the likes of Ed Rosenthal, Mr Nice, Motarebel and the Blazing Pistoleros to create his unique hybrids so if you are looking for some connoisseur genetics then CH9 seeds could be the place for you!

Check out CH9 female seeds now.

buy ch9 female seeds

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