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Buy Dutch Passion Auto Orange Bud female seeds

6 Oct 2017

Buy Dutch Passion Auto Orange Bud female seeds now at dope-seeds.com.

We are very happy to announce that you are now able to buy Dutch Passion Auto Orange Bud seeds on our website as of today. We have taken delivery of this new fantastic autoflowering cannabis strain from the master breeders at Dutch Passion and it is ready to ship right now.

The story of auto orange bud

Auto orange bud has come out of Dutch passions excellent auto-flowering breeding program and was created by crossing the classic Californian strain, ‘Orange Bud’, with auto daiquiri Lime. The resulting strain retains the authentic orange bud taste and effect but offers the convenience of an autoflowering strain. Turning Orange Bud into an autoflower cannabis strain has had no detriment to its potency with this strain being one of the strongest Auto’s Dutch Passion have ever produced and the yields are very impressive as well. This strain was actually put to a blind test of growers and breeders and because the potency, flavour and aroma was so good, they could not tell the difference between the auto version of orange bud and the original strain!

What does autoflowering mean?

Auto Orange bud is an auto-flowering cannabis strain which means that it will begin to flower after a set time period rather than after the hours of sunlight are reduced to 12 per day. Most auto flowering cannabis strains will show the first signs of flowering after around 3 weeks and will then take a further 7-8 weeks to complete their flowering period. Auto Orange bud is no exception to this rule as she takes around 10 weeks to go from seed to bud regardless of how many hours of sunshine or artificial light she receives.

Auto Orange Bud in stock now

We have Dutch Passion auto orange bud in stock now in packs of 3 and 7 feminised seeds priced at £34.99 and £64.99 respectively.

Buy auto orange bud female seeds now!

Buy Dutch Passion Auto Orange Bud female seeds



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