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Buy Dutch Passion Lemon Zkittle female seeds now!

8 Feb 2018

Dutch Passion Lemon Zkittle female seeds i stock now at dope-seeds.com

Lemon Zkittle (lemon skittle) is the hot new strain from the USA an is taking the U.S cannabis market by storm. Up until now Lemon Zkittle has been available as a clone-only strain or as a final product i the US cannabis dispensaries. Now, thanks to Dutch Passion, Lemon Zkittle female cannabis seeds are available for everyone across the world.

What is the lemon Zkittle strain?

Lemon Zkittle is a female photo-period cannabis strain with incredible THC levels of over 20%. The genetics are a result of a cross between Las Vegas Lemon Skunk a prized Zkittlez parent. The original breeders found the most potent offspring was the yellow lemon zkittle phenotype which was alos very pest-resistant. Lemon Zkittle will produce heavy yields, give off a fresh lemon aroma and will produce bright green and yellow buds in bloom. The infamous Zkittlez variety is one of the most popular USA varieties, selling for up to $35/g in dispensaries with some of the highest THC levels we have seen. Dutch passions Lemon Zkittle is easy to grow with incredible resin production, a wonderful sour citrus aroma and fantastically solid buds. She is 60% sativa, of medium height and will take 9-10 weeks in bloom with huge yields. This strain is has been bred for potency with a fresh lemon taste and is set to become a cannabis classic.

Buy Lemon Zkittle female cannabis seeds now!

Dutch Passion Lemon Zkittle female seeds

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