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Buy Fast Buds CBD crack female seeds now!

26 Oct 2017

Fast Buds CBD crack female seeds in stock now at dope-seeds.com

We are very pleased to announce that we have just take a delivery of fresh Fast Buds CBD crack female seeds from the Fastbuds seed company. Fastbuds are a fairly new seedbank from the USA who seem to be bringing out some of the most interesting autoflowering strains on the market right now. Fastbuds focus on high quality autoflowerign genetics with an American twist, incorporation the new breed of American hybrid strains such as Green Crack and Girls Scout Cookies

What is Fastbuds CBD Crack?

CBD crack from fast buds is a new autoflowering strain for the medical marijuana market and as the name suggests, it is a high CBD strain with levels reaching 7%. This is balanced with fairly low levels of THC to make this the perfect strain for medical users who don’t want to be incapacitated when using their medicine. How about the yield? Well, you do not need to worry about that either as this strain can produce up to 250g per plant in around 10 weeks from seed. Fastbuds tell us that CBD Crack will exhibit extremely vigorous growth right from the get-go and will really start to frost-up from week 5. The scent in the growroom will properly kick in at week 8 with a pungent aroma along with citrus and cinnamon notes to make this an exquisite smelling cannabis strain.

Fast Buds CBD crack female seeds

Due to the balanced nature of this strain, with equal levels of THC and CBD, the effect is mellow and without anxiety which is perfect fro people seeking out a daytime medicine. FastBuds CBD Crack female seeds come in packs of 1,3,5 and 10 so whatever your budget, this brilliant new strain can be added to anyone’s genetic collection.

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