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Buy Mephisto genetics Sour Bubbly seeds

20 Apr 2014

Buy Mephisto genetics Sour Bubbly seeds from dope-seeds.com from early may and get your hands on elite auto flowering genetics with this cannabis strain that produces a plant best described as Bubblegum with a Sour Twist.

Sour bubbly is a killer combination of two of our best strains. The best qualities from each of the parents shine through.

We took a 24 carat female (Sour boggle cut x purple indica auto) and hit her with some Hubbabubbasmelloscope male pollen (Bubblegum cut x w.w auto)

buy mephisto genetics sour bubble seeds

The result is a hybrid with fantastic vigour from the hubbabubbasmelloscope, even in restrictive pots she can reach 120cm. But the buds are 24 carat dominant, Sour, hard and dripping with resin.

She is an amazing hashplant! Stems, fan leaves, everywhere, completely covered with trichomes!

Late in flower her buds look grey with crystals.

The smell is sour, strong but with a hint of the bubblegum sweetness in there.
The buds are fat, and she has the potential to really yield!

If you spot a plant that is kicking into flower a little later than the other girls, train her if you havent got space, as she has an extra weeks veg time you can make the most of it and get an even higher yield. When she kicks into flower she really goes for it.

Sour bubbly is the best of both, she gets big but finishes quickly, and the buds are of impeccable quality. You really cant go wrong with this lady. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Sour Bubbly was tested by alpha-cat (www.alpha-cat.org) and the result was 19.5% thc.

Treat her kindly and you can achieve up to 90g.
*All of our figures are based on results from restricted potting in organic soil.
We start in 1 litre of soil and at sex transplant into 11 litres.

Sex of seeds: Feminised
Variety: Autoflowering Indica/sativa hybrid
Number of seeds in pack: 3,7,18
Where to grow: Perfect indoors, outdoors, or in greenhouse
Flowering Time: Harvest from 65 days from sprout
THC Content: 19.5%
CBD Content: less than 1%
Genetics: 24 Carat x Hubbabubbasmelloscope
Yield: Indoor – 60 to 90g / Outdoors – 90g + (in ideal conditions)
Plant Height: 80-110cm


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