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Buy cannabis seeds with card payment in Israel

30 Jun 2020

Now accepting card payments for cannabis seeds in Israel

  **update 18.08.20 - unfortunately we are not currently able to take card payments from Israel, we are working to resolve this, apologies for the inconvenience** We are incredibly pleased to announce that we can now take card payments for customers who wish to buy cannabis seeds in Israel. We have been shipping cannabis seeds to Israel stealthily for many years but have only been able to take bank transfer or Bitcoin as payment. Now we have a new card services provider which allow us to accept card payments from Israeli customers which means a lot less hassle for everyone as quicker dispatch of seed orders. Israel has always been a centre of gravity when it comes to cannabis. For example, Raphael Mechoulam, an Israeli organic chemist discovered a link between CBD and effective treatment of epilepsy in 1963. Since then, Israel has been a significant contributor to the science of cannabis, helping the plant be understood by the masses and generating trade between countries. However when it comes to buying cannabis seeds in Israel, it’s strangely restrictive and there’s not a lot of new strains being offered. When it comes to cannabis laws, Israel has a somewhat more relaxed approach to cannabis compared to the United Kingdom. This applies both to Israeli residents, but also businesses too. On the 25th of June 2020, Israel decriminalised cannabis possession for 50 grams or less, which was a brilliant step towards a healthier relationship with cannabis, one that will incarcerate less people and will bring hope and positivity to many people’s lives. The country also has a great approach to testing, experimenting and studying cannabis which will further develop our knowledge and introduce more cannabinoids into medicine. Naturally, Israel is now keen to buy from cannabis breeders and seed banks in Europe, wanting them to ship cannabis seeds to Israel so that they can use Western genetics in their studies and domestic breeding. Buying cannabis seeds in Israel has been challenging in the past, with limited strain availability and a bit of a traditional preference in terms of genetics. But now, thanks to a relaxing of laws in the USA, more solid genetics are being created in the west because growers and breeders can have more space to experiment with different genetics so they can offer more exotic strains. Some strains have been genetically adapted to survive in more challenging climates, that produce a bigger yield of more potent flowers. This is very exciting for Israeli breeders and growers that are looking to introduce more unique products to their market, so there is becoming a bit of an influx of people wanting to pay by card for exciting new strains located in the UK and Europe, and then shipping cannabis seeds to Israel. We recommend tracked stealth shipping for customers in Israel

Facebook closed our page

17 Feb 2019

Unfortunately facebook have closed our business page because we apparently broke their terms and conditions. We have had a presence on facebook for around 5 years now and we had patiently and organically built up an active community over over 13,000 followers.

The beauty of the facebook platform is that we could quickly reach our friends and let them know about new products and special offers that would benefit them. It also allowed our customers to contact us easily and allowed us to offer an extra layer of customer service as well as a forum for customers to give us reviews. The weird thing is that you see much worse content on facebook from violence to sexual content and they don't ever seem to be able to close those pages. Unluckily they picked on us which is is rather annoying but what can you do...

facebook closed our page

Free seeds

We gave away 1000's of free cannabis seeds through comps we held on our facebook page and we have a feeling this is why they closed us down. There are many other cannabis seed retailers and breeders whose facebook pages are still online but perhaps they do not ruffle so many feathers by spreading the love through the gift of free seeds

Return to facebook?

We are going to try and get back on facebook somehow but from now on we will be running comps directly from our website and asking people to share on their own facebook pages.

facebook share

Please share this article on your facebook page and we will add you to our next prize draw for free cannabis seeds

Its going to be difficult to get the same exposure we used to have but we will probably start using twitter more and will try and communicate directly through our monthly e-mail - sign up below


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Medical Marijuana – UK’s first prescription for a child

5 Dec 2018

This week a 2 year old girl from Dundonald in County Down, Northern Ireland is believed to be the first child in Britain to be given a prescription for medical cannabis. Jorja Emerson, who suffers from severe epilepsy and has up to 30 seizures a day has been prescribed the drug with the hope that it will reduce the affects and frequency of her attacks. Other children are currently receiving cannabis treatment in the Uk however since the drug has been rescheduled, Jorja is the first child to be prescribed by a doctor. This however has not been an easy process for Jorja’s parents. Although Medical cannabis  has been  legalised by the home secretary, strict NHS guidelines along with tight recommendations from the Royal College of Physicians and the British Paediatric Neuroligists Association, means that it is very difficult to secure prescriptions.  NHS guidance says prescriptions should only be given when all other treatment options have been exhausted. Jorja was prescribed her medication at a private hospital in London and her father, Robin Emerson hopes her treatment will help pave the way for other children to gain access to the drug and enable clinicians to have confidence to prescribe. From the 1st of November doctors were able to prescribe  cannabis products to patients in the Uk after new regulations were introduced through parliament relaxing rules around accessing medical cannabis. Several high profiles cases led to a shift in the government’s stance as well as the general publics perception of medical cannabis use. [caption id="attachment_65754" align="alignnone" width="700"]billy caldwell medical marijuana Billy Caldwell and Mother[/caption] There was a public outcry over the cases of young epilepsy sufferers,  Alfie Dingley and Billy Caldwell, who were being denied access to cannabis oil treatment.  Both boys had seen their conditions dramatically improve after being prescribed cannabis oil overseas  however this life changing medication wasn’t legal in the UK. Earlier in the year Alfie Dingleys parents and sister along with the help of actor Patrick Stewart, took their campaign for access to cannabis oil on the NHS to Downing street .  This  led to a specially commissioned review of medicinal cannabis whereby Dame Sally Davies, Chief medical advisor concluded there was evidence medicinal cannabis can have therapeutic benefits. A second review carried out by The advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, went on to add that doctors should be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis products providing they meet safety standards. So, although public perception of medical marijuana has certainly changed and the Government has made some concessions, it still seems to be very difficult for people to get access to the medicine they need. Hopefully UK politicians will get up to speed, sooner rather than later, and allow the UK to catch up with the rest of the world when it comes to cannabis legalisation. facebook share                    

Buy cheap cannabis seeds online

26 Jun 2018

Buy cheap cannabis seeds online from Dope-Seeds

If you want to buy cheap cannabis seeds online then you have come to the right place! We have a huge range of cannabis seeds for sale in our online seed store and some of them represent incredible value. Even though the price of some of our seeds is very low it does not meant you are compromising on quality. If you buy cheap cannabis seeds online from us you are actually getting great value cannabis seeds rather than cheap seeds of poor quality.

Buy our own brand of seed at £2.49 per single seed!

Our own range of Dope-Seeds comes from breeders we have worked with for many years and contains top quality genetics and famous names at a fraction of the cost you would pay from some of the big seedbanks. We have great value feminized phtoperiod seeds as well and brilliant autoflower seeds Here is a selection of our best-selling Dope-Seeds [products ids="30115,30127,30135,30137"]

Buy cheap cannabis seeds online from the big seed banks

As well as our own great value range of seeds there are soem really great deals on cheap cannabis seeds out there from some of the big seed breeders like Royal Queen Seeds, Sensi Seedbank and The Female Seeds Company. The Sensi seedbank were one of the first cannabis seed company's to come out of Holland in the 1990's and are responsible for many of today's famous cannabis strains. We are currently selling their Sensi Skunk female seeds at £13.99 for a pack of 3 female seeds and their Sensi Skunk Auto at £14.99 for 3 female seeds! [products ids="31803,31798"] Royal Queen Seeds are a Brilliant Spanish seed bank with a huge range and very high quality genetics and we are currently selling their Special Kush #1 at £2.99 per single female seed and Special Queen number#1 at £3.99 per female seed! [products ids="31538,31533"] The Female Seeds Company were one of the first seedbanks to produce feminised cannabis seeds and offer brillaint value accross their whole range but nothgin can beat the amazing price we are offering on their Female Indoor Mix 4 seed pack at £8.99 and their Lemon Kush 4 seed pack at 9.99 [products ids="30492,30484"]

Lots more cheap female seeds on the website

We have tons more brilliant value cannabis seeds all across the website and you are able to filter search results by selecting 'Sort by price - low to high' on an product listing page. Check it out now!    

New cannabis laws Canada – Buy cannabis seeds in Canada

12 Apr 2018

New cannabis laws in Canada set to come into place this year

In July 2018 Canada is set to legalise recreational cannabis nationwide, making it the second country in the world after Uruguay to do so. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Government has proposed Federal legislation to regulate marijuana production but the details of who can by and sell it will be decided individually by the country's 10 provinces.

Canadian provinces to legalise cannabis

At this point 5 of the 10 provinces have produced frameworks for the sale of cannabis. Western Provinces of Manitoba and Alberta have suggested they will license private retailers, whereas in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick sales will be run by Government owned provincial set ups. On a Federal level the Government has set a minimum legal age for purchasing cannabis at 18. However this age restriction can be raised by the individual provinces. The most populated province of Ontario has increased this to 19 years.

Can you grow cannabis legally in Canada when the law changes?

Another proposed law by the Federal Government allows adults to grow up to 4 cannabis plants for personal use, although Quebec recently announced it will not allow it's residents to grow their own. In terms of enforcement of the new cannabis law there is going to be an emphasis on tightening the rules around cannabis use and driving, licensing for non-medical producers and testing and control of potency and quality.

When does cannabis become legal in Canada?

If the bill passes through the Canadian parliament then recreational use of Cannabis will become legal in Canada no later than the 1st July 2018 For more information on the legal status of cannabis in Canada you can visit the Canadian government website

Buy cannabis seeds in Canada

We have been shipping Cannabis seeds successfully since 2002 and use the best stealth shipping methods to ensure your seeds get to you safely and without being intercepted. Hopefully after July 2018 cannabis seeds will pass through customs without any problems but we are yet to get conformation on that. In the meantime we will ship our cannabis seeds with the utmost care the make sure they arrive to you safely.

Some of our most popular marijauna strains

[products ids="35923, 32745, 34394, 35381"]

How to pay for cannabis seeds being shipped to Canada

Great news! We can now take Card Payments from Canada through Zottopay, just choose card payment at checkout These other payment options give you some discount Pay by bank transfer for cannabis seeds – get a 10% discount Pay by money order for cannabis seeds – get a 10% discount Pay by cash in the mail for cannabis seeds – get a 15% discount Pay by bitcoin for cannabis seeds – get a 20% discount It is getting easier and easier all the time to transfer money internationally using your online banking facility and there are also many FOREX companies such as transferwise and currency fair which allow you to set up accounts and transfer money to any country in the world very easily and with very low fees.

Buy cannabis seeds with Litecoin Cryptocurrency LTC – 20% Discount

21 Nov 2017

Buy cannabis seeds with Litecoin Cryptocurrency LTC now at dope-seeds.com and get 20% discount!

At dope-seeds we are always looking at ways to make it easier and more secure for our customers to make purchases which is why we are offering the option to buy cannabis seeds with Litecoin. We were one of the first seedbanks to start to taking payments of Bitcoin to buy cannabis seeds in 2014 and now we want to offer our customers the ability to use this new cryptocurrency called Litecoin (LTC). Litecoin works in a similar way to Bitcoin in that you use a wallet to store your coins and you can quickly and easily send payment to anyone, anywhere in the world who also has a Litecoin wallet and it is completely anonymous. The obvious benefit of this anonymity is that your bank or anyone else who might be watching you does not know where you are spending your money. Also, to increase the use of Litecoin we are offering a 20% discount on all purchases for the time being.

Want to buy cannabis seeds with Litecoin - How does it work?

It is very easy to buy cannabis seeds with Litecoin at dope-seeds as we have integrated a Litecoin payment option at our shopping cart. When you get to checkout just select the 'Pay by Bitcoin/Litecoin' option and then click 'Go to Payment' at which point you will be presented with the choice of paying in Bitcoin, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash. choose litecoin to buy cannabis seeds You then select 'Litecoin' and you will be given an exact amount of Litecoin that you need to send to us as well as a wallet address to send to. You either copy and paste the amount and address and send to us through your Litecoin wallet or if you have phone based wallet like Coinbase then you can just scan the QR code and it works everything out for you. buy cannabis seeds with litecoin Once payment has been sent it will be confirmed very quickly on the Litecoin Network and most orders will be shipped out the same day.

How to get Litecoin?

It is now very easy to get your hands on various cryptocurrencies and there are many good providers out there. The Litecoin platform we have found the easiest to use is Coinbase and you can also store and exchnage Bitcoins and currency in the same account which we find very useful. All you need to do is go to coinbase.com, set up an account, get verified, add some funds via bank transfer or debit/credit card payment and then you can set up a litecoin wallet and convert your funds to any amount of Litecoin you want. From here you are able to make purchases all over the work at the touch of a button. If you have any questions just send us an e-mail via our contact page How to open a Coinbase account https://youtu.be/UBKT98zSkto A short video on how to buy Litecoin through Coinbase: https://youtu.be/RvH-JUTMBKk    

Buy cannabis seeds in the UK – Dope-seeds online

3 Nov 2017

Do you want to buy cannabis seeds in the UK?

Welcome to dope-seeds.com where you can buy cannabis seeds in the UK from one of the longest serving cannabis seed shops in the world. We have been selling cannabis seeds online, here in the UK, since 2002 and have the reputation of being the worlds friendliest seed bank. We are based in the southwest of the UK so if you want to order cannabis seeds from London, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Glasgow or anywhere else in the UK you will generally have your seeds delivered in 24-48 Hours. If you are buying seeds from outside of the UK delivery times vary depending on the destination - shipping info

Why buy from dope-seeds.com?

  • Best prices online!
    • We constantly monitor our prices to make sure we are very competitive
  • Best customer service!
    • We  offer the personal touch and respond to all e-mails within 24 hrs or less - read some of our testimonials
  • Best range of cannabis seeds!
    • We only stock top quality seed companies that have tried and tested reputations
  • Best free seeds!
    • Unlike other seed companies we allow you to pick and choose your own free seeds from a diverse range.
  • Best discounts!
    • Regular discounts from different seed producers up to 25% off!
    • 10% off when paying by bank transfer, cash, cheque or money order
    • 20% off when you pay by bitcoin
Check out some of our most popular cannabis strains [products ids="35923, 32745, 34394, 35381"]

Law regarding cannabis seeds in the UK

Cannabis seeds and the buying and selling in cannabis seeds is completely legal in the UK, however it is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in the UK and grow cannabis seeds. We sell cannabis seeds as adult souvenirs and to give our customers the opportunity to preserve cannabis genetics for a time in the future when the law may change. Many other countries around the world now allow the germination of cannabis seeds and the growing for cannabis plants for medical reasons and in the USA and various other countries recreational use has been granted in certain areas. It seems we are still a long way from the this in the UK but in the meantime we can collect and store cannabis seeds and preserve valuable genetics for future generations! buy cannabis seeds in the uk For more info on cannabis law in the UK go here      

Buy cannabis seeds in Switzerland

12 Oct 2017

Buy cannabis seeds in Switzerland from dope-seeds.com

If you are looking to buy cannabis seeds in Switzerland then this is the seedbank for you as we have been successfully shipping cannabis seeds to all parts of Switzerland since 2002. Switzerland has flirted with some sort of cannabis decriminalization in the 21st century and even though things have gone backwards in recent years there are many cannabis seed collectors in this wonderful Alpine country. We have been shipping cannabis seeds to Switzerland for over 15 years now and have lots of customers all across the country including in Vaud, Valais, Neuchâtel, Geneva, Basel, Zurich, Luasanne and many other areas.

Shipping cannabis seeds to Switzerland

Shipping cannabis seeds to Switzerland has very rarely been a problem for us and we will guarantee delivery if you select one of our tracked shipping options. This means if the package does not arrive, we will send it again until it does get to you. We send all of our cannabis seed orders to Switzerland very discretely and packages will generally take 3-5 working days to arrive safely. You can buy cannabis seeds with a debit or credit card on our website or you can use one of the following payment methods to receive various discounts: Pay by bank transfer for cannabis seeds – get a 10% discount Pay by money order for cannabis seeds – get a 10% discount Pay by cash in the mail for cannabis seeds – get a 10% discount Pay by bitcoin for cannabis seeds – get a 20% discount buy cannabis seeds in switzerland

Most popular cannabis cannabis seeds in Switzerland

Swiss seeds collectors have a variety of different tastes but in recent years we have seen a clear trend towards hardy outdoor strains such as early skunk and easy sativa as well as autoflowering strains such as auto purple amnesia and stardawg. If you order cannabis seeds from us you will receive free seeds with every order and you can also choose which freebies suit you.
  • Spend between £0 and £25 and get 1 free female seed
  • Spend between £25 and £50 and get 3 free female seeds
  • Spend between £50 and £100 and get 5 free female seeds
  • Spend between £100 and £150 and get 9 free female seeds
  • Spend over £150 and get 15 free female seeds
Buy cannabis seeds now! It is also worth understanding cannabis law in Switzerland.

What is the legality of cannabis seeds in Australia

20 Sep 2017

What is the legality of cannabis seeds in Australia

We have many people asking us 'what is the legality of Cannabis seeds in Australia?'Cannabis has a rather precarious legal status in Australia and marijuana is only legal for medical purposes whereby only patients with valid prescriptions are permitted to possess medical marijuana. Cannabis must be grown in the country and be approved by national regulators who track and manage marijuana cultivation under the Therapeutic goods act. Additionally the possession of cannabis seeds is restricted to cultivators of plants for medical use only. Cannabis is illegal for personal, recreational use and the penalties for possession or cultivation of plants vary from state to state. The National drug strategy which Australia has adopted has a focus on rehabilitation and treatment to reduced re offending and generally leans towards minimal penalties for recreation marijuana use.

Legality of cannabis seeds

As mentioned, cannabis seed possession is restricted to those with intentions of cultivation for strictly medical purposes. It is therefore unclear how the police would view seed possession in general, say in a storage container or seed packet. However if the seeds are discovered in situations which the police believe look like they are to be grown for recreational use they are likely to seized. Although cannabis is illegal in Australia, it is possible to buy cannabis seeds from several Australian dispensaries as well as through online seed banks within the country and abroad. In theory dispensaries can only sell cannabis seeds to those with a valid medical prescription who are able to grow in their own home. Consumers have to be aware that germination and trafficking of products for non medical use is illegal and questions or inquiries about germination of cannabis seeds will result in a refusal to sell by business owners. Those caught growing/trafficking large quantities will be arrested and subject to prosecution. In summary, Australian law dictates that only medical cannabis use is permitted and cannabis seed possession is in line with this. However it is not quite this simple as the legal consequences of cannabis seed possession is affected by which state/province the purchase has taken place and the perceived intention of the seller/purchaser. Therefore it is important to clarify that cannabis seeds in personal possession are to be used for either medical purposes or for souvenirs or collectors items. This article is just our interpretation of the current state of Australian laws regarding cannabis seeds and should not be construed as legal advice or fully accurate information. Dope-seeds.com are able to shipping cannabis seeds to Australia - buy cannabis seeds read more about how to buy cannabis seeds in Australia

Buy cannabis seeds in Australia

14 Sep 2017

Want to buy cannabis seeds in Australia?

If you want to buy cannabis seeds in Australia then you are looking in the right place as we have been shipping cannabis seeds to Australia since 2002. Australia is a country with a great affinity to the cannabis plant and has in some states allows the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes in certain circumstances. Over the last 15 years we have built up a strong customer base in Australia and have been shipping cannabis seeds to New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland and of course Canberra. Shipping cannabis seeds to Australia comes with its own challenges but we make sure the seeds are packaged in such a way that they almost always arrive undamaged and in perfect condition. We have a range of shipping options that you might want to consider and some of our stealth shipping options come with guaranteed delivery

How to pay for cannabis seeds being shipped to Australia

Unfortunately we cannot currently take card payments or bank transfers from Australia These other payment options give you some discount Pay by cash in the mail for cannabis seeds – get a 10% discount Pay by bitcoin for cannabis seeds – get a 20% discount  

Buying cannabis seeds with bitcoin

Another way to get around the issue of paying by card is by using your debit or credit card to buy bitcoins and then to pay us by bitcoin. This means you will get a massive 20% discount on your cannabis seed purchase and the sale will be completely anonymous and fully encrypted for your safety. We recommend opening up a coinbase account and have gone through the process ourselves and found it super easy. More information on buying bitcoins with a card and buying cannabis seeds with bitcoin

Our most popular cannabis strains

[products ids="35923, 32745, 34394, 35381"] shop for cannabis seeds now Buy cannabis seeds in Australia Read about the legality of cannabis seeds in Australia