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Category: cannabis information

Zkittlez seeds – whats the story?

22 Nov 2018

Zkittlez is one of the most talked about cannabis strains of 2018 and Zkittlez seeds have been one of our...

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The highest THC strains in the world

16 Nov 2018

What are the highest THC strains in the world? We are often asked about what are the highest THC strains...

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Best outdoor cannabis seeds

29 Mar 2017

Best outdoor cannabis seeds available from dope-seeds.com. We are often asked by people interested in the genetic traits of cannabis...

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High CBD cannabis strains

17 Oct 2016

In the last few years one of the compounds found in cannabis has been identified as beneficial for medical users...

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Buy cheese cannabis seeds in the UK

18 Nov 2014

Buy cheese cannabis seeds in the UK from dope-seeds.com where we have a huge range of cheese seeds Cheese was...

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Cannabis and its sub species

10 Sep 2012

what is cannabis? Cannabis  is a genus of flowering plants that includes three separate and distinct varieties, Cannabis sativa, Cannabis...

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Gender (sex) of cannabis plants

10 Sep 2012

Cannabis plants are either male or female. The male plants produce pollen which pollinates the flowers of the female plant,...

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G13 – the cannabis legend

10 Sep 2012

G-13 is an extremely strong (i.e. very mind altering) strain of cannabis that is the subject of many urban legends...

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