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Faster shipping to South Africa by courier

21 Feb 2018

We now offer a faster shipping option for cannabis seeds to South Africa As many of our South African customers know, shipping cannabis seeds to South Africa can sometimes be a very slow process. The Customs service in RSA is dealing with bigger volumes of mail than it can cope with and the national mail service is not especially efficient once packages have eventually cleared customs. When we send seeds to RSA with royal mail it can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks depending on how the system is running which is not the best when you want to get your hands on your beans! For sometime we have been looking for an alternative to Royal Mail when shipping cannabis seeds to South Africa but up until recently the courier services we tried were not brilliant. We have now started to use a company called TNT who are offering better price than DHL or UPS and can get packages delivered in South Africa in 3-5 days the them leaving the UK. Unfortunately this service is more expensive than using Royal Mail and South Africa post and is currently coming out at £38 UK pounds per parcel. We will continue to look for better deals but at present this is the best express courier deal we can find. If you decide you do want express shipping of your seeds to South Africa just select 'South Africa express courier: £ 38.00' when you checkout and it will be added to your total check out some of the most popular strains with our South African customers [products ids="32745, 32763, 34394"]          

Cannabis Legalisation South Africa

4 Apr 2017

Cannabis Legalisation South Africa - one step closer to legal dagga. Cannabis Legalisation in South Africa has come one step closer this week after a landmark ruling in the Western Cape High Court gave a green light to the private use of Dagga (cannabis) at home. The action was brought to court by the 'Dagga Party of South Africa' who argued 'that cannabis should not be a forbidden substance as listed in the Drugs and Trafficking Act.' The result of the case was that the full bench ruled that 'cultivation and private use of dagga at home should not be forbidden.' and they have given parliament 2 years to make the necessary changes to 'Drug Trafficking Act and the Medicines Control Act'. Jeremy Acton who helped bring the case to court stated that “The judgment respects the right to private use and private consumption and cultivation, in the domestic setting,” but “It doesn’t approach, for example, commercial production or selling and buying of cannabis". The ruling will still need to be confirmed by the constitutional court and send it to the national assembly for final approval and until that time the private use of Dagga (cannabis) will still remain illegal. This ruling means that the Rastafarian people of South Africa will be able to freely practice their religion without fear of prosecution and will bring this amazing herb into the backyards of all South Africans who wish to do so. Not only do the campaigners behind this legislation feel there will be many health benefits as people turn from alcohol to cannabis but there will also be tourism and industrial benefits to cannabis legalization. Other places in the world that have adopted progressive cannabis legalization policies such as Colorado and Washinton state in the USa have seen great benefits to the economy as well as reduced levels of drug crime. cannabis legalisation South Africa - great news for all of our South African friends!    

Buy pickandmix single cannabis seeds

8 Mar 2017

pickandmix single cannabis seeds - Buy now

  If you are looking for pickandmix single cannabis seeds then you have come to the right place. We have a small but perfectly selected range of single cannabis seeds so that you can pick and mix your selection of seeds without having to invest in a larger packet of 1 variety. Unlike some retailers we do not break up sealed packs of seeds but stock a range of single seeds from suppliers who individually pack their seeds in original breeder packaging. We also have our own range of single seeds which cost only £2.49 per female seed and with 10 photo-period feminised strains and 7 auto flowering female cannabis strains you can get a wide range of different cannabis genetics for minimal expenditure. One of our most popular strains of pickandmix seeds is our own Auto blueberry which of course retails at only £2.49 per female seed. check out some of the other strains in our excellent range of pickandmix female seeds
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buy cheapest female seeds online at £2.49 per female cannabis seed

31 Dec 2016

Do you want to find the cheapest female cannabis seeds online?

You can buy the cheapest female cannabis seeds from our own range of seeds where each feminized seed costs just £2.49! We buy huge numbers of female cannabis seeds from some of the worlds biggest seed breeders so we can get our seeds at incredibly low prices. We have done such a great deal with one of our suppliers that we are now able to offer a range of feminized cannabis seeds at £2.49 per seed regardless of the size of the purchase! The range includes some of the most famous names in the cannabis world such as OG Kush, White widow, Northern lights and Original Amnesia. As well as 10 photoperiod cannabis strains our dope-seeds range includes 7 Autofem strains of the highest quality with famous names like Auto Blueberry, Auto Critical Mass and Auto Northern lights.

What about the quality of our cheap female seeds?

You do not need to worry about the quality of dope-seeds own brand feminized seeds as they come from a breeder who supplies seeds to one of the worlds biggest seed breeders. We get the same seeds at the same price as this giant of the cannabis seed world but the big difference is the price! We don't have to spend a fortune on branding, fancy packaging and attending all the big cannabis trade fairs but we can provide you with the best seeds at the best price - what else matters when choosing female seeds? Here are some of the female cannabis seeds we are now selling at £2.49 per seeds
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