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Discount cannabis seeds – 20% off all Blackskull seeds

2 Jan 2017

Want discount cannabis seeds? Then check out our latest offer on Blackskull female seeds where we are selling them at a 20% discount.

Blackskull seeds always offer excellent value for money but with this offer they must be some of the best discount cannabis seeds out there! A pack of 10 female seeds from Blackskull seeds normal retails a £34.99 but with the 20% discount they now only cost £27.99 which is fantastic value for such high quality cannabis strains.

Blackskull seeds are a small seed bank who offer 7 photoperiod feminised cannabis strains and 6 Autofem strains, all of which have been developed to provide explosive growth, excellent potency and wonderful aromas.

The Blackskull team have worked with big name cannabis strains such as Critical Mass, Jack herer, Big bud and others to come up with their own unique range of cannabis strains you won’t find anywhere else.

checkout some of these excellent discount cannabis seeds from the Blackskull seeds range:

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