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Facebook closed our page

17 Feb 2019

Unfortunately facebook have closed our business page because we apparently broke their terms and conditions. We have had a presence on facebook for around 5 years now and we had patiently and organically built up an active community over over 13,000 followers.

The beauty of the facebook platform is that we could quickly reach our friends and let them know about new products and special offers that would benefit them. It also allowed our customers to contact us easily and allowed us to offer an extra layer of customer service as well as a forum for customers to give us reviews. The weird thing is that you see much worse content on facebook from violence to sexual content and they don’t ever seem to be able to close those pages. Unluckily they picked on us which is is rather annoying but what can you do…

facebook closed our page

Free seeds

We gave away 1000’s of free cannabis seeds through comps we held on our facebook page and we have a feeling this is why they closed us down. There are many other cannabis seed retailers and breeders whose facebook pages are still online but perhaps they do not ruffle so many feathers by spreading the love through the gift of free seeds

Return to facebook?

We are going to try and get back on facebook somehow but from now on we will be running comps directly from our website and asking people to share on their own facebook pages.

facebook share

Please share this article on your facebook page and we will add you to our next prize draw for free cannabis seeds

Its going to be difficult to get the same exposure we used to have but we will probably start using twitter more and will try and communicate directly through our monthly e-mail – sign up below


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