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greenhouse seeds lemon skunk back in stock at dope-seeds.com

14 Sep 2015

greenhouse seeds lemon skunk cannabis seeds are finally back in stock.

After over 1 year Lemon skunk is back once again available in packs of 3, 5 and 10 feminised cannabis seeds.

About Greenhouse seeds Lemon Skunk

Greenhouse seeds lemon skunk was a High times cannabis cup winner back in 2006 and since then has always been one of our best selling strains.

The genetic background of this strain is old school skunk and it is a strain which was passed around the Amsterdam underground for many years before greenhouse seeds got a cutting and set about refining and improving it. The original skunk strain was created by crossing an Afghani indica strain with the sativa strains Acapulco gold and Colombian gold. Many versions of this skunk strain were passed around amsterdam in the 1980s and soem had a pronounced citrus strain so were soon known as ‘Lemon Skunk‘.

Growing Lemon skunk

Lemon skunk is renowned as a very easy to grow cannabis strain which is well suited to beginners but will not disappoint expert growers either.

Flowering should only take around 8 weeks but if you leave it a little longer the quality will only increase. The flavour is classic skunk accompanied by a potent citrus aroma which fills the grow room as the buds expand. Production indoors can often reach 600g per m2 and outdoors plants can often weigh in at 600g.

Lemon skunk pricing

Lemon skunk is one of the best value cannabis strains that we stock with 10 female seeds only costing £31.99. The 5 pack is £18.39 and the 3 pack is just £11.99. Now that greenhouse seeds lemon skunk is back in stock this is a great chance to add this fantastic marijuana strain to your collection.

Greenhouse Seed Co. Lemon Skunk Feminised Seeds



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