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What is the legality of cannabis seeds in Australia

20 Sep 2017

What is the legality of cannabis seeds in Australia

We have many people asking us ‘what is the legality of Cannabis seeds in Australia?’Cannabis has a rather precarious legal status in Australia and marijuana is only legal for medical purposes whereby only patients with valid prescriptions are permitted to possess medical marijuana. Cannabis must be grown in the country and be approved by national regulators who track and manage marijuana cultivation under the Therapeutic goods act. Additionally the possession of cannabis seeds is restricted to cultivators of plants for medical use only.

Cannabis is illegal for personal, recreational use and the penalties for possession or cultivation of plants vary from state to state. The National drug strategy which Australia has adopted has a focus on rehabilitation and treatment to reduced re offending and generally leans towards minimal penalties for recreation marijuana use.

Legality of cannabis seeds

As mentioned, cannabis seed possession is restricted to those with intentions of cultivation for strictly medical purposes. It is therefore unclear how the police would view seed possession in general, say in a storage container or seed packet. However if the seeds are discovered in situations which the police believe look like they are to be grown for recreational use they are likely to seized.

Although cannabis is illegal in Australia, it is possible to buy cannabis seeds from several Australian dispensaries as well as through online seed banks within the country and abroad. In theory dispensaries can only sell cannabis seeds to those with a valid medical prescription who are able to grow in their own home. Consumers have to be aware that germination and trafficking of products for non medical use is illegal and questions or inquiries about germination of cannabis seeds will result in a refusal to sell by business owners. Those caught growing/trafficking large quantities will be arrested and subject to prosecution.

In summary, Australian law dictates that only medical cannabis use is permitted and cannabis seed possession is in line with this. However it is not quite this simple as the legal consequences of cannabis seed possession is affected by which state/province the purchase has taken place and the perceived intention of the seller/purchaser.

Therefore it is important to clarify that cannabis seeds in personal possession are to be used for either medical purposes or for souvenirs or collectors items.

This article is just our interpretation of the current state of Australian laws regarding cannabis seeds and should not be construed as legal advice or fully accurate information.

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