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Mephisto genetics auto flowering seeds

17 Apr 2014

Mephisto genetics auto flowering seeds

Not your average auto:

Mephisto genetics are a new and exciting Spanish based company on the verge of launching the first wave of their completed projects.
They have worked tirelessly building a facility in the mountains on their little farm, they have created many indoor and outdoor areas to aid the cultivation and development of their work.

The new strains have taken between 2 and 3 years of dedicated hard work to develop from idea to release. Moving from where they were previously bound to work in a clandestine way, to a much friendlier place has provided freedom to work on the scale they once dreamt of has helped immensely.

These days people are spoiled for choice when it comes to automatic strains, however Mephisto genetics are very different to other companies , their idea from the start was to produce the highest quality auto flowering strains on the market.
The strongest, the fastest, the most unique flavours and highs, using hard to acquire amazing genetics not everyone has access to (even those in the industry) from many countries around the world, their stable of genetics includes famous ‘elite’ cuttings and very special seed stock.

It takes a minimum of 4 generations of careful breeding to turn these rare sought after strains into auto flowering versions. Breeding is a little like cooking, starting with the best ingredients gives the best chance to make something into a gastronomic delight.

No shortcuts are taken along the way, the Mephisto boys do not rush their varieties to market, their philosophy is that it takes as long as it takes. This approach ensures that only the finest plants make it into your garden. Which is their bigger concern. They also do not aim to produce the maximum amount of seeds, they would rather produce less seeds of the highest quality. They do this on purpose with the methods they use for seed creation.
They grow the maximum number of plants possible, in which to find only the most spectacular candidates for pollination, and when they find them they pollinate a maximum of 50% of these plants to make the healthiest, ripest, juiciest seeds.

Mephisto genetics places an emphasis on documenting their projects and allowing customers to follow their work from conception through each generation.

It can be seen on their forum on the autoflower network and also via Instagram (include links)

The future looks bright for autoflowering cannabis in the hands of a company with such passion for automatics.

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