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How to send a bank transfer from Australia to the UK

27 Jan 2017

How to send a bank transfer from Australia to the UK

We have recently been asked how to send a bank transfer from Australia to the UK so thought it would be best to write a quick blog post to explain how it can be done.

To send a bank transfer from Australia to the UK you can either use your own bank account or a 3rd party transfer service which will often charge lower fees and give you a better rate of exchange.

Send a bank transfer from your own Australian Bank account to the UK

If for easiness sake you prefer to use your own bank most providers now allow you to make a international payment through your online banking service.

The information you will need to make either type of transfer is as follows:

• the overseas bank account name and account number you wish to send to
• the overseas bank’s sort code (BSB)
• the International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
• the SWIFT code for the overseas bank.

When you send the transfer make sure you are sending an ‘OVERSEAS/FOREIGN PAYMENT‘ and that your bank has asked you for our IBAN and SWIFT code. If you have not been asked for these 2 things you are not sending an   ‘OVERSEAS/FOREIGN PAYMENT‘ and your payment will not be routed to us correctly.

If you choose to order through our website and pay by bank transfer (giving you a 10% discount) you will be provided with all this information once you have ‘checked out’.

You can then send us a bank transfer and in 1-3 days we will have received payment and can dispatch the goods.

Some customers have experienced issues with the BSB number which is used by Australian banks. For a UK bank this is called the SORT CODE and like the BSB it is a 6 digit number.

If your online banking service is not accepting the SORT CODE you may not have selected INTERNATIONAL PAYMENT and the online banking system does not recognise a UK SORT CODE as an Australian BSB.

If you are having any problems with your online banking service recognising any of our bank details we recommend you speak to your bank.

Any further questions just drop us an e-mail or give us a call – contact us

Instructions on how to send bank transfer from specific Australian Banks

Bank Australia – How to send an overseas bank transfer
Commonwealth Bank – Sending money overseas from Commonwealth Bank
ANZ Bank- Sending money overseas from ANZ Bank
NAB Bank – How to send a foreign bank transfer from NAB bank
Westpac bank – Transfer funds overseas with Westpac bank
Bank of Queensland – Making an international payment from Bank of Queensland

Send a bank transfer using a 3rd party foreign exchange service

If you are interested in using a currency transfer service there are a good range of providers listed here:


We have used  currency fair and have found them very easy to use and cheaper than using our own bank

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