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Auto #1

Auto Seeds

You can now buy Auto Seeds from dope-seeds.com at some of the lowest prices online. These guys are specialist breeders of the finest quality autoflowering seeds. Created with both the connoisseur and commercial growers in mind, our autoflowering varieties can be ready in as little as 55 days from seed to harvest. They are an ideal choice when space is limited or stealth and speed are a must. Our autoflower seeds will flower irrespective of light cycle making several harvests in one outdoor season possible whilst also providing ultimate control for the indoor gardener. Auto Seeds – Experience the best in auto flowering genetics!


Dutch Passion Discount – 25%

25% off dutch passion seeds

25% off - Great discount off all Dutch Passion Seeds during November

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Royal Queen Seeds Discount

royal queen seeds

10% off - Great discount off all Royal Queen Seeds during December

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Royal Queen Free Seeds

royal queen seeds free gift

Free auto northern lights or critical with every 3,5 or 10 pack purchased

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DR Krippling Free Seeds

Dr krippling seeds logo

Free female seeds with every pack of 5 or 10 Dr Krippling seeds purchased

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Free Ak48 Female seeds

buy nirvana cannabis seeds

Get free ak48 female seeds with every pack of Nirvana Seeds purchased.

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Royal Queen Promo

buy royal queen seeds

10% off - Great discount off all Royal Queen Seeds during July

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Heavyweight seeds free gift

heavyweight seeds

Buy any 5 pack of heavyweight seeds and get 1 free female auto massive midget, buy and 10 pack and get 2 free seeds!

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Free female cheese seeds with every pack of big buddha cheese

free cheese female seeds

Buy 5 female cheese, get 2 female cheese free. Buy 10 female cheese get 5 female cheese free.

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Blackskull Promo

black skull logo

Get 20% off all Blackskull seeds now!

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Dinafem Free Seeds

dinafem free seeds

Buy any Dinafem seeds product to receive your free Moby Dick XXL female seeds.

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Free seeds with every order!

Promotional free seeds

The more you spend, the more free seeds you get! Pick and mix your favourite free seeds depending on how much you have spent.

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Shortstuff Free seeds

shortstuff free seeds

Buy any ShortStuff seeds product to receive your 2 free Auto Assassin female seeds!

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    Auto #1

    From £ 15.49
  • ViewAuto Seeds Auto Chemdog

    Auto Chemdog

    From £ 22.99
  • ViewAuto Seeds Auto Pounder

    Auto Pounder

    From £ 27.49
  • ViewAuto Seeds Auto Pounder With Cheese

    Auto Pounder With Cheese

    From £ 27.49
  • ViewAuto Seeds Berry Ryder

    Berry Ryder

    From £ 22.99
  • ViewAuto Seeds Candy Kush

    Candy Kush

    From £ 18.99
  • ViewAuto Seeds Diesel Berry

    Diesel Berry

    From £ 22.99
  • ViewAuto Seeds Dream Berry

    Dream Berry

    From £ 18.99
  • ViewAuto Seeds Hijack


    From £ 27.49
  • ViewAuto Seeds Kush Doctor

    Kush Doctor

    From £ 22.99
  • ViewAuto Seeds MiG-29


    From £ 18.99
  • ViewAuto Seeds Pineapple Punch

    Pineapple Punch

    From £ 27.49
  • ViewAuto Seeds Polar Express

    Polar Express

    From £ 18.99
  • ViewAuto Seeds Purple Cheese

    Purple Cheese

    From £ 27.49
  • ViewAuto Seeds Sucker Punch

    Sucker Punch

    From £ 22.99
  • ViewAuto Seeds Trans Siberian

    Trans Siberian

    From £ 22.99
  • ViewAuto Seeds Ultra Lemon Haze

    Ultra Lemon Haze

    From £ 22.99