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Buy Blackskull seeds online today from dope-seeds.com. Blackskull seeds was formed by a pair of growers from the UK who moved to Spain in the early 2000’s to perfect their growing and breeding techniques. Hailing from the southwest of the UK they had been growing their own weed for personal use since their teenage years but as time moved on they felt more and more hampered by the UK’s draconian drug laws. Having brought back various classic cannabis strains from Holland after weekend smoking trips to the ‘Dam they really wanted the time and space in their grow rooms to select the best individuals and work on their own strains. In the UK this felt too risky so they took the decision to relocate to sunny Catalonia where they now operate our breeding program from a rural Finca (farmhouse) where they have loads of space, unlimited summer sunshine and are out of the way of prying eyes!

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