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Category: New cannabis seeds

Fast Buds 20:1 CBD Auto medical

11 Sep 2019

Fastbuds have released a new medical marijuana strain that has a CBD:THC ratio of 20:1 making it the highest CBD cannabis strain that we sell.

With THC levels below 1% and even as low as 0.3% in testing, this new strain will have almost no psychoactive effect on the user while giving them the medical benefits long associated with CBD and cannabis.

This all new high CBD strain needs to be viewed more like the CBD products we see on the market these days like CBD oil, CBD creams and CBD tablets in that it will no offer the traditional cannabis 'high' but does contain all the compounds that have been associated with cannabis's medical properties.

Fast Buds CBD Auto 20:1 feminised seeds
Fastbuds 20:1 auto CBD strain

Here is what Fastbuds say about their new strain

Fast Buds’ first entirely medicinal strain, CBD 20:1. High in CBD at up
to 20% and a THC content as low as 0,3%, making this strain legal in the majority of
countries around the world. CBD 20:1 has the potential to alleviate many pains and
disorders and with such low THC levels, this strain is perfectly suitable for those who are
not regular cannabis users.

Dense Buds Firm buds packed full of CBD and all of its therapeutic properties. Great
for breaking up for a spliff, or especially useful for making extractions to create oils, creams,
tablets, edibles, and all kinds of other medicinal products you wish to use.

Smoke Report Purely Medicinal. The perfect antidote to various ailments. In many
cases, users claim to have found relief from issues such as anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain,
inflammation, and others. CBD aka Cannabidiol doesn’t produce any psychoactive effects,
therefore this is a great option even for non-consumers. Before popping a pill, try popping
some of these seeds.

Exceptional Seeds. Specially packaged and stored under ideal conditions to guarantee
optimal preservation.

Quality Statement. Top shelf feminized autoflowering seeds. Meticulously selected and
put through weeks of rigorous testing to maintain genetic perfection.

Growth Pattern. She grows quickly and vigorously. This strain can reach a height of 70-
90cm, not huge, but give her the space she needs to allow all her therapeutic potential.
CBD 20:1 produces tall and bushy plants, with a solid main cola.

Grow Tips. You’ll need to work fast as she’s a rapid one. An 18/6 light cycle seems to
work best with this strain. She’s a hungry one so keep her fed, especially during the
flowering period to get those fat, healthy nugs. Keep a steady eye for harvesting signs, in
order to reap all the CBD benefits. In 8-9 weeks, you’ll have your very own medicine tree.

Sweet and Subtle. Taking your medicine has never been so enjoyable. This sweet
strain goes in smooth with notes of fruit and honey.

Medical conditions that Fastbuds say their 20:1 CBD strain will help
Glaucoma, Nausea, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Back pain, PMS, Arthritis, Herpes, Rheumatism, Sickle Cell, Expectorant, Stress, Migraines, AIDS, Tumors, Asthma

Buy Fastbuds 20:1 CBD Auto

Buy FastBuds Auto Gelato seeds

10 Jul 2019

Fastbuds Auto Gelato seeds available now at Dope Seeds

After many months of speculation and patience FastBuds seedbank have finally released their Auto-flowering version of the world beating Gelato cannabis strain. Gelato is of course the dispensaries favourite strain right now thanks to its incredible potency, delightful aroma and super motivating effect. It has taken a great deal of work to get the autoflowering version right but who else would you want to entrust that job to than the Fastbuds team? Fast Buds Auto Gelato Feminised seeds

Auto Gelato seeds description

This is what they are saying about their new strains: "Fast Buds most desired strain to date, Gelato Auto, a delicious dessert cannabis strain. Auto flowering genetics crossed with Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbet make this unique strain. Sweet cookies, sharp citrus, and subdued earthy-coffee flavors that everyone will want to get their hands on. It’s a balanced, high-THC hybrid, making it the perfect choice for cannabis lovers of all types. These dense, rich-smelling buds, dripping with resin are the perfect choice for both social occasions or relaxing at home. Mature plants can rise to 80-120cm tall. LST is recommended to maximize an already generous yield. Just as the name suggests, expect extremely frosty buds. Late in bloom, especially in cooler climates, light purple tones can come through, giving the trichome and orange hair covered buds remarkable visual appeal. 9 weeks post-germination and time to harvest scoops of stunning stash."

Buy Auto Gelato now!

We have taken delivery of fresh stock just this week of the new auto gelato strain and it is available in packs of 1,3,5 and 10 female seeds priced at £8.99, £22.99, £37.99 and £76.99 respectively. All seeds come in sealed breeder packs to protect the product and ensure freshness and are always stored in commercial fridges until they are dispatched to you. check it out now

New USA genetics from Barneys Farm seeds

23 May 2019

Check out these new strains from Barneys Farm seedbank

Barneys Farm Glookies feminised seeds produce a monster cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and the original thin mint cookies. Expect sour diesel, key lime and walnut aromas from Glookies as well as THC levels of around 25%!

Barneys Farm Glookies feminised seeds

Barneys Farm Purple Punch Auto is an autoflowering version of the Grandaddy Purple x Larry OG cross and retains many of its genetic traits. Big yields, an apple pie aroma and fast flowering time make this 18% THC auto a great addition to anyone’s cannabis seed collection.

Barneys Farm Purple Punch Auto feminised seeds

Barneys Farm Purple Punch is a real knockout cannabis strain which was created by crossing the two heavyweights – Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. With THC levels of 25% and yields of up to 2KG per plant outdoors Purple Punch is a real contender to be a champion marijuana strain.

Barneys Farm Purple Punch feminised seeds

Barneys farm Orange Sherbert is an indica dominant cannabis strain which has a genetic lineage made up of a who’s who of USA cannabis classics. Orange sherbert is an easy to grow strain that does not get too tall but produces huge colas and rock hard nuggets of goodness.

Barneys Farm Orange Sherbert feminised seeds

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New Fast buds strains – AK, Zkittlez & Smoothie

1 May 2019

We are very pleased to announce the release of 3 new autoflowering strains from the Auto-experts at FastBuds seeds.

Auto Lemon AK is a a fresh take on the classic AK47 cannabis strain which has been one of the most popular and frequently imitated strains in the modern age of cannabis cultivation. This Auto version of the coffeeshop classic has a more Lemony taste bud stick packs the incredible AK47 punch. Buy it now

Fast Buds Lemon AK Auto feminised seeds

Auto Zkittlez is of course and auto-flowering version of the much hyped Zkittlez strain out of California. The Fastbuds version of this strain retains the delicious berry aroma and the powerful indica punch but will be ready to harvest in half the time it takes for the original Zkittles strain. Buy it now

Fast Buds Zkittlez Auto feminised seeds

Auto Smoothie from Fastbuds seeds is an all new cannabis strain that has been created by crossing auto blueberry with somango in order to produce the fruitiest strain possible. This mouth watering auto offers brightly coloured buds with delicious berry and mango aromas and makes for a perfect daytime stash. Buy it now

Fast Buds Smoothie Auto feminised seeds

Buy Advanced Seeds Shark Widow CBD now!

18 Jun 2018

Buy Advanced Seeds Shark Widow CBD from Dope Seeds today and get some of the best quality medical marijuana genetics available. Shark widow CBD, as the name suggests, is a high CBD cannabis strain suited for medical marijuana applications. It has balanced levels of THC and CBD with both reported to be around 6%. This low level of THC and very high level of CBD mean this strain has less of a psychoactive effect and more of a relaxing medical use. Advanced seeds shark widow CBD come as 100% feminised seeds and are sold in protective packs of 1,3 or 10 feminized seeds. Advanced seeds Shark Widow CBD feminised seeds Advanced seeds shark widow CBD is a a mostly indica strain of medium height but has excellent production levels and is very easy to manage. The aroma is intense with sweet and sour notes that will delight! The effect of Shark widow CBD is very relaxing with excellent therapeutic benefits. Buy them now!

Buy Royal Gorilla auto feminised seeds

15 Jun 2018

Buy Royal Gorilla auto feminised seeds at Dope Seeds today and get your hands on the dankest West Coast genetics on the market! Royal gorilla auto feminised seeds from the Royal Queen seedbank is a strain that is blasting autoflower genetics to the top shelf of cannabis quality. With genetics including Royal Gorilla and Royal cookies as well as a special Ruderalis strain its no surprise that this THC bomb has been impressing cannabis connoisseurs across the world. Royal Gorilla Auto is an easy to grow strain that requires little expertise or management but will produce vigorous plants in the region of 60-120cm with beefy main colas and strong side branches. Royal Queen Seeds Royal Gorilla Auto feminised seeds Royal Gorilla auto takes around 8-10 weeks from seed to bud and will easily produce 120-170g of premium buds in the right conditions. Expect Royal Gorilla Auto to produce chunky frost covered buds that give off a delightful diesel and kush scented aroma. Automatic Royal Gorilla is an incredibly potent psychoactive cannabis strain with THC levels in excess of 20% and minimal CBD. Like its namesake, the great ape, this strain could truly knock you on your ass! This strain is available in vacuum sealed packs to protect and preserve the seeds and come in packs of 1,3,5 and 10 female seeds. Buy them now!  

Buy Advanced seeds Auto Amnesia now

15 Jun 2018

Buy Advanced seeds Auto Amnesia now from Dope-Seeds and get your hands on some incredible autoflowering genetics from the dudes at Advanced seeds. Amnesia is a sativa dominant strain that has long been famed for its potency and flavour and is now available as an autoflowering strain in packs of 1,3 or 10 female cannabis seeds. This strain was created by crossing Original Haze with Auto Amnesia and the result is a medium sized plant that will grow well indoors our outside and produce excellent yields. Advanced seeds Auto Amnesia has an intense aroma with hints of spice and lemon and the effect is long lasting and powerful Advanced seeds Auto Amnesia feminised seeds

  • THC 14%
  • Yield 450-550gm2
  • Takes 10-11 weeks from seed to bud
Advanced seeds Auto amnesia is a very good all round AutoFem strain that will suit any cannabis seed collector - Buy them now!

New Shortstuff strains – Auto Purple Gorilla and Auto Gorilla shizzle

10 Apr 2018

Shortstuff seeds Auto Purple Gorilla and Auto Gorilla shizzle available now!

We are very please to announce that we are stocking the 2 awesome new strains from Shortstuff seeds. Auto Purple Gorilla is a cross of the massive yielding Auto Purple amnesia and the world-beating auto Gorilla OG strain. The result is another big yielder with incredible potency, aroma and taste. This autoflowering cannabis strain is easy to grow, resistant to pests and with produce unrivaled yields in around 9-11 weeks from start to finish Shortstuff seeds Auto Purple Gorilla feminised buy shortstuff seeds auto purple gorilla female seeds now! Auto Gorilla Shizzle is a combination of two of Shortstuff seeds best selling strains, Auto Gorilla OG and Tha Shiznit and the result is quite incredible. Auto Gorilla Shizzle is super vigourous, easy to grow and produces massive resinous buds with very high potency. Shortstuff seeds Auto Gorilla Shizzle feminised buy shortstuff seeds auto gorilla shizzle female seeds now!

Shortstuff seeds promo

To celebrate the release of these amazing strains we are giving a whole load of them away! With every pack of shortstuff seeds purchased you will receive a randomly selected gift:
  • Auto Purple Gorilla female seeds x 2
  • Auto Gorilla Shizzle female seeds x 2
...and it does not matter how many packs you buy, you will get a free gift with each one!
  • Buy 1 pack of shortstuff seeds get 2 free seeds
  • Buy 2 packs of shortstuff seeds get 4 free seeds
  • Buy 3 packs of shortstuff seeds get 6 free seeds
  • and so on...
[products ids="34398, 34394, 34380,34376"] We are listed on the shortstuff seeds website as an official distributor of their seeds and as a participant in the current free seeds giveaway promo https://shortstuffseeds.com/shortstuff-seedbank-news/2-new-strains-and-free-seeds-to-giveaway/ 

Buy Dutch Passion Lemon Zkittle female seeds now!

8 Feb 2018

Dutch Passion Lemon Zkittle female seeds i stock now at dope-seeds.com

Lemon Zkittle (lemon skittle) is the hot new strain from the USA an is taking the U.S cannabis market by storm. Up until now Lemon Zkittle has been available as a clone-only strain or as a final product i the US cannabis dispensaries. Now, thanks to Dutch Passion, Lemon Zkittle female cannabis seeds are available for everyone across the world.

What is the lemon Zkittle strain?

Lemon Zkittle is a female photo-period cannabis strain with incredible THC levels of over 20%. The genetics are a result of a cross between Las Vegas Lemon Skunk a prized Zkittlez parent. The original breeders found the most potent offspring was the yellow lemon zkittle phenotype which was alos very pest-resistant. Lemon Zkittle will produce heavy yields, give off a fresh lemon aroma and will produce bright green and yellow buds in bloom. The infamous Zkittlez variety is one of the most popular USA varieties, selling for up to $35/g in dispensaries with some of the highest THC levels we have seen. Dutch passions Lemon Zkittle is easy to grow with incredible resin production, a wonderful sour citrus aroma and fantastically solid buds. She is 60% sativa, of medium height and will take 9-10 weeks in bloom with huge yields. This strain is has been bred for potency with a fresh lemon taste and is set to become a cannabis classic. Buy Lemon Zkittle female cannabis seeds now! Dutch Passion Lemon Zkittle female seeds We have also added some other new feminised strains from Dutch passion seedbank and they are all worth a look! They include some brand new mixed packs, some extra fruity genetics and some very high CBD strains which are well suited for medical users. [products ids="41093, 41091, 41089"] [products ids="41079, 41074"]  

Buy Fast Buds CBD crack female seeds now!

26 Oct 2017

Fast Buds CBD crack female seeds in stock now at dope-seeds.com

We are very pleased to announce that we have just take a delivery of fresh Fast Buds CBD crack female seeds from the Fastbuds seed company. Fastbuds are a fairly new seedbank from the USA who seem to be bringing out some of the most interesting autoflowering strains on the market right now. Fastbuds focus on high quality autoflowerign genetics with an American twist, incorporation the new breed of American hybrid strains such as Green Crack and Girls Scout Cookies

What is Fastbuds CBD Crack?

CBD crack from fast buds is a new autoflowering strain for the medical marijuana market and as the name suggests, it is a high CBD strain with levels reaching 7%. This is balanced with fairly low levels of THC to make this the perfect strain for medical users who don't want to be incapacitated when using their medicine. How about the yield? Well, you do not need to worry about that either as this strain can produce up to 250g per plant in around 10 weeks from seed. Fastbuds tell us that CBD Crack will exhibit extremely vigorous growth right from the get-go and will really start to frost-up from week 5. The scent in the growroom will properly kick in at week 8 with a pungent aroma along with citrus and cinnamon notes to make this an exquisite smelling cannabis strain. Fast Buds CBD crack female seeds Due to the balanced nature of this strain, with equal levels of THC and CBD, the effect is mellow and without anxiety which is perfect fro people seeking out a daytime medicine. FastBuds CBD Crack female seeds come in packs of 1,3,5 and 10 so whatever your budget, this brilliant new strain can be added to anyone's genetic collection.

Other strains from FastBuds seeds

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