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Afghan Cow

Dr Krippling Seeds

Buy Dr Krippling seeds at dope-seeds.com now! Dr Krippling seeds is made up of a group of expert cannabis seed breeders from across the globe who have been searching for the biggest, most powerful cannabis strains in the world. Team Krippling are blissful servants to this plant with breeding/proofing stations in a few countries throughout Europe and other breeders working on hundreds of different cannabis strains from all over the world. Many of Team Krippling’s breeders have techniques and knowledge from generations of farming, and as much as we share genetics, techniques and co-operate with other seedbanks and breeders, we are committed to seeking our own champion “Hercules” ganja mother and father strains, by popping hundreds of pips weekly, if not every other day, from select original breeders / seedbanks, as well as being on the lookout for a super performer from brand new strains and seedbanks.


DR Krippling Free Seeds

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Free female seeds with every pack of 5 or 10 Dr Krippling seeds purchased

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  • View Dr Krippling Seeds Afghan Cow

    Afghan Cow

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  • View Dr Krippling Seeds Blue Kripple

    Blue Kripple

    From £ 14.99
  • View Dr Krippling Seeds Buzz Light Gear

    Buzz Light Gear

    From £ 10.49
  • View Dr Krippling Seeds Delhi Friend

    Delhi Friend

    From £ 6.99
  • View Promotional Item Grand Heft Auto

    Grand Heft Auto

    From £ 8.99
  • View Dr Krippling Seeds Incredible Bulk Auto

    Incredible Bulk Auto

    From £ 8.99
  • View Dr Krippling Seeds The Incredible Bulk

    The Incredible Bulk

    From £ 8.99