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Paradise Seeds

If you want to buy paradise seeds online then you have come to the right place. Paradise seedbank is one of the original pioneering seed companies which started up in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, during the 1990’s. The founder of Paradise, Luc, is dedicated to producing the finest connoisseur cannabis strains possible in strict organic growing conditions. The Paradise seed company have won over 25 Cannabis Cups over the years and keep producing new, award winning cannabis seed strains. The full range of Paradise cannabis seeds can be purchased from dope-seeds.com and we now stock paradise seeds’ own range of medical marijuana strains and auto-flowering cannabis strains.


Dutch Passion Discount – 25%

25% off dutch passion seeds

25% off - Great discount off all Dutch Passion Seeds during November

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Royal Queen Seeds Discount

royal queen seeds

10% off - Great discount off all Royal Queen Seeds during December

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Royal Queen Free Seeds

royal queen seeds free gift

Free auto northern lights or critical with every 3,5 or 10 pack purchased

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DR Krippling Free Seeds

Dr krippling seeds logo

Free female seeds with every pack of 5 or 10 Dr Krippling seeds purchased

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Free Ak48 Female seeds

buy nirvana cannabis seeds

Get free ak48 female seeds with every pack of Nirvana Seeds purchased.

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Royal Queen Promo

buy royal queen seeds

10% off - Great discount off all Royal Queen Seeds during July

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Heavyweight seeds free gift

heavyweight seeds

Buy any 5 pack of heavyweight seeds and get 1 free female auto massive midget, buy and 10 pack and get 2 free seeds!

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Free female cheese seeds with every pack of big buddha cheese

free cheese female seeds

Buy 5 female cheese, get 2 female cheese free. Buy 10 female cheese get 5 female cheese free.

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Blackskull Promo

black skull logo

Get 20% off all Blackskull seeds now!

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Dinafem Free Seeds

dinafem free seeds

Buy any Dinafem seeds product to receive your free Moby Dick XXL female seeds.

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Free seeds with every order!

Promotional free seeds

The more you spend, the more free seeds you get! Pick and mix your favourite free seeds depending on how much you have spent.

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Shortstuff Free seeds

shortstuff free seeds

Buy any ShortStuff seeds product to receive your 2 free Auto Assassin female seeds!

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  • ViewParadise Seeds Acid feminised


    From £ 39.99
  • ViewParadise Seeds Allkush feminised


    From £ 39.99
  • ViewParadise Seeds Anatomial haze feminised

    Anatomial haze

    From £ 54.99
  • ViewParadise Seeds Auto Acid feminised

    Auto Acid

    From £ 34.99
  • ViewParadise Seeds Auto Jack feminised

    Auto Jack

    From £ 34.99
  • ViewParadise Seeds Auto Wappa feminised

    Auto Wappa

    From £ 34.99
  • ViewParadise Seeds Auto Whiteberry feminised

    Auto Whiteberry

    From £ 47.49
  • ViewParadise Seeds Automaria II feminised

    Automaria II

    From £ 34.99
  • ViewParadise Seeds Belladonna feminised


    From £ 26.99
  • ViewParadise Seeds Delahaze feminised


    From £ 47.49
  • ViewParadise Seeds Durga Mata feminised

    Durga Mata

    From £ 29.99
  • ViewParadise Seeds Durga Mata II CBD feminised

    Durga Mata II CBD

    From £ 39.99
  • ViewParadise Seeds Dutch Dragon feminised

    Dutch Dragon

    From £ 34.99
  • ViewParadise Seeds Dutch Kush feminised

    Dutch Kush

    From £ 39.99
  • ViewParadise Seeds Ice Cream feminised

    Ice Cream

    From £ 47.49
  • ViewParadise Seeds Jacky White feminised

    Jacky White

    From £ 47.49
  • ViewParadise Seeds Lucid Bolt feminised

    Lucid Bolt

    From £ 34.99
  • ViewParadise Seeds Nebula feminised


    From £ 47.49
  • ViewParadise Seeds Nebula II CBD feminised

    Nebula II CBD

    From £ 39.99
  • ViewParadise Seeds Opium feminised


    From £ 39.99
  • ViewParadise Seeds Original Cheese feminised

    Original Cheese

    From £ 39.99
  • ViewParadise Seeds Original White Widow feminised

    Original White Widow

    From £ 47.49
  • ViewParadise Seeds Pandora Automatic feminised

    Pandora Automatic

    From £ 34.99
  • ViewParadise Seeds Sensi Star feminised

    Sensi Star

    From £ 54.99